Canna Nobutoshi & Nakamura Yuichi "Rabu no Melody" Bleach

Canna-san on MySpace?
My Japanese isn't very good anymore, so please let me know if anything about this trips your BS radar... it seems legit to me, but you never know.

There's a pretty sweet playlist going on, so even if it's fake it's not a total wash :)

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Watch Bleach

Canna Nobtoshi who provides the voice for Nnoitora Jiruga has appeared in Bleach Episode 158 - 159, and coming future episodes. The recent manga cover that recently features him Bleach Vol. 33 The Bad Joke, which the Episode 166 will be aired on April 9, where The 25th Anniversary Macross Frontier will be aired on April 10 with rookie Nakamura Yuuichi as Telsa in the series who voice Alto Saotome.

Forgot about this 8DDDD:

Here's a CM extracted from Episode 160:

Download: Nnoitora & Telsa CM - Next Episode 161

25th Macross Radio:

Personality: Miyake Kenta & Nakajima Megumi

Download: Radio Macross 02-12-08 (Guest: Nobutoshi Canna)

Fate Stay/Night... Nobutoshi Canna voice Lancer, not much different from his other roles; he shows up in the beginning and near the ending of the series. Highly recommend watching, despite it was based off as a hentai game. I have seen most the series he has been in except Macross 7 8DDD

request and a bribe!
YST - seachild
i've been looking everywhere for a hayashi/kanna version of 'seventh moon' from macross 7. it supposedly exists, somewhere, so any chance somebody on this comm has it?

in return, i'm posting the live version of 'planet dance' from macross 7. good stuff. ^_^

For those who have a way to watch region 2 DVDs, the DVD of an Angelique event Canna particpated in last month will be released in March. I don't have an order number yet, but the price will be 7,140 yen.

Hey everybody -

Run (do not walk!) to your nearest store that carries Newtype USA!!! I found out the November issue has an article about Koi Suru Tenshi Angelique and - drum roll, please, it looks like an interview with or profiles of Canna, Hiro Yuki & Mitsuo Iwata.

Keeping my fingers crossed that I can find it tomorrow on my lunch break at either Borders or Barnes & Noble. Info about Canna in English!!!

E.M.U. for sale
Gosh, I don't know if a sales post is actually allowed or not, but it is Canna related. Moderator, feel free to delete if you don't want this here (and I apologize). o_O

Anyway, I am looking for a new home for several Entertainment Music Unit (E.M.U.) videos. Format is VHS and they were directly imported from Japan and absolutely authentic. Great, working condition, no subtitles, and viewable on any player. I have avaliable:

- Tour Making Special SOLD
- Another Side of E.M.U. SOLD
- Equal Live Tour SOLD
- First Live SOLD
- OFC Jewelry (rare) SOLD

I'm asking $30 each. Shipping and handling will have to be paid by the buyer, and price depends on the destination. I prefer payment in the form of a Money Order or personal check (with time to clear).

Any questions or whatnot, please EMAIL ME. I appreciate everyone's time, and thanks for reading! :)

P.S. I am also selling my collection of Shounen Mahoshi (The Young Magician) items, which includes 10 manga and 2 drama CDs ... and Canna lends a voice! ^_~

Fate/Stay Night
I don't know how many members know about this yet, but Geneon has licensed Fate/Stay Night. The first DVD will be released in December.

I I don't know much about the series or how big Canna's part is, but I thought I'd pass along the information on the off chance some members hadn't heard about it yet.

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I don't know if introductory posts are okay or not, but in case they are. . .

My favorite Canna role is Parn from Record of Lodoss War: Chronicles of the Heroic Knight.

My favorite song he's recorded on a solo CD is Umi.

My favorite character song is Kimi No Tame Ni Koko Ni Iru, a Randy character song (Angelique).

My favorite E.M.U song by Canna is Destination, with Bokutachi no Sedai Kara (a trio he did with Ryotaro Okiayu and Daisuke Sakaguchi) a close second.

That's all for my first post. Glad to have stumbled across this community!

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Franzi - UMvC3
YAY! A Canna Community ^-^

I think I'll share something to celebrate it's foundation ^^

First, my fav. Canna Song, Heart ne kiraboshi sakashitare, from Fushigi Yugi

And also small a video commercial for his dvd (which I would love to own *^*)

I don't know if d/l's should be posted protected?


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