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deathlike wrote in nobutoshi
Watch Bleach

Canna Nobtoshi who provides the voice for Nnoitora Jiruga has appeared in Bleach Episode 158 - 159, and coming future episodes. The recent manga cover that recently features him Bleach Vol. 33 The Bad Joke, which the Episode 166 will be aired on April 9, where The 25th Anniversary Macross Frontier will be aired on April 10 with rookie Nakamura Yuuichi as Telsa in the series who voice Alto Saotome.

Forgot about this 8DDDD:

Here's a CM extracted from Episode 160:

Download: Nnoitora & Telsa CM - Next Episode 161

25th Macross Radio:

Personality: Miyake Kenta & Nakajima Megumi

Download: Radio Macross 02-12-08 (Guest: Nobutoshi Canna)

Fate Stay/Night... Nobutoshi Canna voice Lancer, not much different from his other roles; he shows up in the beginning and near the ending of the series. Highly recommend watching, despite it was based off as a hentai game. I have seen most the series he has been in except Macross 7 8DDD

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Nobutoshi-sama is in Bleach? Wait, which one was Nnoitara? One of the Espada, right? I haven't been keeping up with Bleach much anymore.

Lanky figure with a spoon-head or umbrella over his head.

Is there any news though if a character song for Nnoitra is coming out soon? 8D I want new songs from him LOL. He was also a guest last March for Naruto Radio Shippujinrai, I think there were bits in it where he was talking about his debut into acting and also about Fukujin blog he has with Fukuyama from Macross 7.

I can't download anything until I get internet on my own computer, so I'll save this entry in my memories for a while until then. ^^;

P.S.- His voice as Lancer is pretty chilling and cold, really awesome voice acting. Nnoitra's just so laid-back scary as well. XD

I will let you know in within three months; if they do plan on releasing it.

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