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request and a bribe!
YST - seachild
torsui wrote in nobutoshi
i've been looking everywhere for a hayashi/kanna version of 'seventh moon' from macross 7. it supposedly exists, somewhere, so any chance somebody on this comm has it?

in return, i'm posting the live version of 'planet dance' from macross 7. good stuff. ^_^

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Awww, you beat me to posting Planet Dance, haha. Really? There's a 'Seventh Moon' Canna version? I thought the seiyuu for Macross 7 only sang for that specific concert...Did they do a new recording too?

Anyway, I have another song, 'Light the light', although there are 4 people singing in it, including Canna. Does anybody want it?

i thought they only sang for that specific concert too but so says teh intarwebs?

honestly, they should just have had kanna sing all the songs for macross 7 as opposed to having a different guy for the songs. ._O

LOL, I will look this up. :DDDDDDD

THEY SHOULD. Like, Kanna has a great singing voice himself, it doesn't make sense why they got another guy for the songs. TAT;

Maybe because they wanted a real rocker guy for the vocals to make it more realistic? ^^;

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